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The Eleventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
The Eleventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics

The Eleventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics was a terrific success! Many thanks to our faculty, our volunteers, our members, the hotel staff, and all our attendees!

Coming up Oct. 14 in Nashville, TN: The Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis: What Nurses Need to Know. Information/registration at

The National Academy of Sciences has released a major new report on the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids. Click here to learn more.

Panel: Fallout From Cannabis Prohibition
Tenth Patients Out of Time National Conference
Baltimore, MD, 2016
Featuring Neill Franklin from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Jeff and Chris Mizanskey, Dolores Halbin, and Paul Bregman.

Patients Out of Time Board of Directors

Mary Lynn Mathre
Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN
President & Founding Director, Substance Abuse Consultant
Howardsville, VA
Mary Lynn (ML) Mathre is the President and Co-founder of Patients Out of Time and Past President and Founding Member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). Read more
Michael Aldrich
Michael Aldrich PhD., Educator, Historian
San Francisco, CA
Michael Aldrich is a cannabis historian and the Secretary at Patients Out of Time. Read more
Barbara Douglass
Barbara Douglass, Founding Director, IND Patient, Multiple Sclerosis
Lakeside, IA
Barbara Douglass is a Founding Director, and was an IND Patient between 1991 to 2013 to help treat Multiple Sclerosis. Read more
Denis Petro
Denis Petro M.D. Founding Director, Practicing Neurologist & Drug Researcher
Denis Petro, MD is a Founding Director of Patients Out of Time. Read more
George McMahon
George McMahon Founding Director, IND Patient, Nail Patella Syndrome Livermore, IA
George McMahon is a founding member of Patients Out of Time. McMahon has a rare congenital disorder called nail-patella syndrome for which he received approximately 9 ounces of cannabis every month from the federal government’s Compassionate IND Program. Read more
Elvy Musikka
Elvy Musikka IND Patient, Glaucoma
Elvy Musikka is a strong advocate for medical cannabis and spokesperson for Patients Out of Time. Musikka is the longest living female IND Patient receiving 11 ounces of cannabis every month. Read more
Irvin Rosenfeld
Irvin Rosenfeld
IND Patient, Chronic Pain
Irvin Rosenfeld is the second patient of the Compassionate IND program. Rosenfeld receives about 11 ounces of medical cannabis every 3 weeks. Read more

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