Some may claim they just want to get high, yet the players will tell you that cannabis is their medicine; it is the best medicine for their pain and injuries resulting from the numerous hits they take. Frequent hits to the head create cumulative damage that results in serious brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Body slams and tackles result in aches and pains throughout the body.

These injuries are not limited to football – think of athletes who play other contact sports, and of course combat Veterans. Opioids get handed out like candy to mask the pain so that players can stay in the game, but players believe that cannabis can actually help them heal, and the science supports their view.

Sue Sisley, MD and two former NFL players, Nate Jackson and Eben Britton, discussed the need for a policy change in dealing with cannabis use by NFL players at the Eleventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics sponsored by Patients Out of Time in May 2017. This is just one of many exceptional videos in our library that we are now making available to the public.

Patients Out of Time’s 2017 conference featured the world’s leading cannabis researchers, who explained how cannabis helps heal the brain after acute trauma; how cannabis as a pain treatment can reduce the risks from opioid use; cannabis use with geriatric patients; cannabis for PTSD, and much, much more. We are now making these videos available to the public to stream on demand – details at our video on demand page.

Doctors For Cannabis Regulation have also teamed up with Athletes For Care to educate people about the therapeutic value of cannabis. They have sent an open letter to the NFL Football League pleading for a rational and compassionate change in policy about the use of cannabis by the players.

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