Friday, April 15, 2016

0730: Registration and Continental Breakfast

0800: Welcome – Mary Lynn Mathre (Patients Out of Time)

0830: Cannabis as a Botanical Medicine: Historical and Modern Perspectives Based on an Authoritative Review of the Literature – Roy Upton

0910: Understanding Cannabis as an Herbal Medicine – Deb Malka

0930: Pharmacological Actions and Potential Novel Therapeutic Uses of Plant Cannabinoids: Great Expectations – Roger Pertwee

1000: Break

1020: Cannabis Terpenoids and Herbal Synergy – Ethan Russo

1050: Medical Cannabis: What Questions to Ask Growers, Extractors and Budtenders – Trish Flaster

1120: Therapeutic Use of the Cannabis Root – Natasha Ryz

1140: Cannabis: Why Nutrition Matters – Laura Lagano

1200: Lunch (Break out rooms for physicians and nurses for networking)

1330: Fallout From the Cannabis Prohibition – Neill Franklin, Jeff and Chris Mizanskey, Dolores Halbin, and Paul Bregman

1420: The Dose Effects of “Edible” Cannabis in Non-tolerant Individuals – Ryan Vandrey

1440: Break

1500: Cannabis and the Skin: From Physiology to Therapy of Skin Diseases – Tamas Biro

1530: Tracking the Real World Use of Medical Cannabis: Lessons from Quebec – Mark Ware

1550: Cannabis & Holistic Healthcare: the Evolving Canadian Perspective – Henry Moller

1610: Q & A with Friday faculty

1640: Day ends

Saturday, April 16

0730: Day Registration and Continental Breakfast

0800: Welcome

0820: Cannabis a Versatile Botanical – Mark Blumenthal

0900: Cannabinoids as Possible Antitumoral Drugs – Manuel Guzman

0930: Recent Advances in Cannabinoid Research in Jerusalem – Reem Smoum-Jaouni

1000: Break

1020: Minority Communities & Cannabis: Diseases and Stigmas – Malik Burnett and Corey Barnette

1050: Cannabis and the Brain: Neuroprotection vs Toxicity. Does it Damage or Protect? – Greg Gerdeman

1120: Cannabis, Opioids and Pain – Debra Kimless

1140: Cannabis: Margin of Safety and Risk of Addiction – Mary Lynn Mathre

1200: Lunch

1330: Cannabis Use in Intimacy and During Pregnancy – Jordan Tishler, Stacey Kerr, Ciara Vargas

1415: Demographic & Diagnosis Study of 300 Patients Drawn from Three California Cannabinoid Medicine Practices – David Bearman

1435: Quality Control of Medical and Recreational Cannabis – the Past, Present and Future – Noel Palmer

1505: Break

1520: Cannabis as a Homeostatic Medicine – John McPartland

1550: Preventative Medicine and Health Promotion With Cannabis – Dustin Sulak

1620: Q & A with Saturday faculty

1650: Conference ends

A list of the conference faculty is available by clicking here.

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