The Precipice of the Cannabis Revolution: opportunities, problems, and dangers

Thursday April 14, 2016—Baltimore, Maryland

9AM: Welcome
Billy Murphy and Alan Silber

905: The Maryland Medical Cannabis Program
Eric Sterling

925: Business, Banking, and Regulatory Compliance
Leigh Maddox, Rebecca Gasca, Corey Barnette

1015: Medical Cannabis — Protecting Marginalized Populations: Reforms Needed & Tactics to Get There (Political, Judicial, Legislative)
Veterans: developments in V.A. health care, employment, etc
Brandon Wyatt
Native Americans: is the Wilkinson Memo protecting NA Sovereignty
Sue Sisley and Matt Abel
Drug Testing: Effects & Implications for Patients Needing Medical Help
Dylan Schwartz

1105 Break

1120: The Status of What is Now Important
Billy Murphy

1210: Medical Cannabis and Mental Health
Michael Cutler

1300: Lunch

1400: Defending the Right to Use Medical Cannabis — child welfare, drug testing, medical necessity and duress as examined through the lens of an Alabama case charging Child Chemical Endangerment
Jennifer Ani, Jose Guzman, Debi Word, Walker Chandler (invited), Ciarra Torres (invited)

1450: Using Recent Medical & Political Developments to Help Clients
Alan Silber, Michael Minardi, Mike Rothman

1540 Break

1545: Emerging Issues: Are the Interests of Patients and Small Family Farmers on a Collision Course with Big Business?
Moderator: Mara Felsen
Billy Murphy, Bill Panzer, Walker Chandler (invited), Leland Berger, Doug McVay

1715: Day End

A downloadable PDF of the legal seminar agenda is available by clicking here.

A list of the legal seminar faculty is available here.

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