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We partner with many leading authorities for cannabis medicine. Below you will find descriptions and links to some of our content partners.

medcanins The Medical Cannabis Institute provides online learning to healthcare professionals who want or need to know more about the medical use of cannabis. The Institute works with organizations that are recognized as pillars of medical cannabis learning and brings their valuable medical expertise to the healthcare community via an ever-growing online course catalog.

The Institute’s charter group of content providers – Patients Out of Time and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians – is providing courses from distinguished faculty and healthcare professionals.

ACNAlogo---WIDE The American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) is a national organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge base of endo-cannabinoid therapeutics among nurses. It was founded by a small group of dedicated nurses who saw the need for an organization to bring nurses together in a collegial and informational capacity to discuss the growing use of cannabis in medicine.

International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines logo International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines

Society of Cannabis Clinicians logo Society of Cannabis Clinicians

United Patients Group logo United Patients Group

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